Fixing Transparency Issues in Inkscape

While creating images on Inkscape, gradients and transparencies can be used to blend colors or add texture to an image.

fig 1

When such a file is exported as a png file or used in a pdf/x1-a or pdf/x-3 file, the transparency may not render properly (fig 2).

fig 2
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Computer Basics Tutorial – Free Download

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While volunteering at a local chapter of the HOC (Housing Opportunities Commission), I created these tutorials for adult students. Before creating the learning/teaching material, I asked the Program Coordinator for guidance.  She simply said that I should create the sessions with my mother in mind. 

That’s just what I did.  These sessions are designed for those who have no knowledge about working on a PC and have trouble using the mouse/keyboard. There are simple exercises and even a pop quiz to keep these sessions lively.

I am posting these files in hopes that it would help someone trying to understand the basics of the PC. These sessions are designed primarily for teaching. Yet, it could also be used to self-learning.

Tutorials are based on Windows 2007, sessions created in early 2011. Some minor adjustments might be needed for the current version.

There are two .zip files to download. Here are the details.

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