Ramblings on a Word – Perfection

lone leafImage by Shelly Paul

Perfection – Everything has to be just so

If mother nature adhered to our current definition of aesthetic perfection – largely governed by the rules of symmetry – rivers would flow in perfect straight lines and turn corners at precise right angles, mountains would be pyramids, trees in the forest would be aligned in perfect straight lines like military battalions, where each tree would stand ramrod straight, every branch attached to the trunk at an exact angle of forty-five degrees, every leaf in perfect symmetry. The ones that do not adhere to this rigid perfection would be shed by the tree for its non-conformity.

Nothing out of place. No grey areas. No anomalies. Because anomalies are viewed as irksome, simply because they do not conform with the majority. Such perfection in mother nature would not only be boring in its monotony, but would jeopardize life on this planet because of its unforgiving rigidity.

Anomalies, aberrations – the so called lack of perfection, are what allows for evolution which is the ability to make adaptation according to the changing environment. Evolution, is key to the perpetuation of species.

Mother nature allows for life to thrive through diversity and interdependency. Instead of trying to understand such complexity and its intricacies, most of us look at our lives and the world around us, through the colorings of puritanical thought process fostered through single God religions.

The monotheistic mindset – where everything has to be classified into neat little categories with black-and-white clarity, without any wiggle room, without making allowances for any other, other than just “The One”. Such a thought process fosters arrogance and judgmental attitudes.

This simplistic thinking, embellished by these religions, where man – not human, but just the male of our species – is elevated above all else. This unscientific simplicity obscures nature’s complex truth that there are no male fetuses at conception. Which means, every man – even those who think they are God – must begin their journey of life as woman.

Then somewhere along the way, during the gestation period, some fetuses make the gender transition from female to male. Is it not possible that, somewhere in the process of transition, according to mother nature’s rules, there could be slight aberrations affecting sexual orientation making gay and transgender as natural as male and female?


Centuries ago, when science was not as advanced as it is today, our ancestors believed that the afflictions and ailments that tormented our bodies were the result of sins we committed. But medical-science has grown, not just to negate this superstition, but has advanced to a point where several of these health issues can not only be explained, but can be cured or better managed. Therefore, isn’t it time we try to cultivate a better understanding of our life on this Earth, through the lens of proven, scientific reality rather than blind, unquestioned faith?

Because, no matter what we think or believe, the planet we live on are governed by the rules of nature that constantly strives for balance and harmony in its diversity. Contrary to popular belief, we are not superior beings on this planet, we are just one of the many creatures that co-habit this world. To Mother Earth, we are no more important than the worm that turns on the plough.

And if religion seems to be getting in the way of accepting the truth, maybe, it’s time to rectify the Scriptures, thusly:
“In the beginning there are no males. All human beings are conceived only as females. Then, roughly half of the embryos replace one of their X chromosomes with a Y chromosome making the transformation from female (XX) to male (XY). Since, mother nature is flexible in her complexity, she makes us man, woman, gay and transgender – all part of one big human family.”

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Ramblings on a Word – Corruption

Golconda forts, hyderabad.
Image by Shelly Paul

Trolley Tales – Madras and DC

Corruption – Corrosion of functionality

Have you ever stood by the luggage carousel at the airport, watching baggage flow down the conveyor belt in large intermittent bunches?

Well, if you stood at the international airport in Chennai, you’d see a few hundred people at crowded around a carousel with their eyes fixed longingly at the vertical flaps at the beginning of the conveyor belt waiting for the bags to appear. After an interminable wait, one or at the most two large suitcases would traipse down on the pleated rubber sheets.

After it gets picked up, the empty conveyor belt would do two more rounds before the entire sequence repeats itself at an excruciatingly slow pace. The passengers – several of whom would have flown half way around the world, would have finished their disembarkation process in less than thirty minutes but would have to wait for nearly two hours before they can pick up their bags and leave the airport.

On our trip to India last year, the frustrations of the slow filling baggage carousel at the Madras airport were compounded by trolley complications. Continue reading “Ramblings on a Word – Corruption”

Countering misinformation – fake pork story

Image by Shelly Paul

Recently, I came across a news-post about the purported correspondence by the mayor of Dorval city, Quebec about refusing to remove pork from the school canteen menu as requested by the local muslim community.

The so called “note” contains some harsh words for the muslim community from the mayor, chastising them for not adapting to their adopted country, which seemed fitting in the context. Turns out, that article was a hoax.

The muslim community living in Dorval city, never made such a request, and therefore there was no response from the mayor or anyone. This fake-news was an attempt to divide the community by pitting the muslims against the rest of the city population. This fake news has been circulating since 2015. Continue reading “Countering misinformation – fake pork story”

Soul Weary

return to innocence
Image by Shelly Paul

It is a sad chapter in our nation’s history when our young children, the future of this great country, have to rally for one essential need – the need to stay alive, to not be shot or maimed by somebody armed with a weapon. They are pleading for the most elemental right of every life form on this planet – just to stay alive and well.

As I listened to the videos and read the outpouring of the young people from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it occurred to me that while we live in the United States of America, we send our children to school in war zones. They might as well walk out of picture perfect communities and well go to school in war-torn regions such as Syria or Afghanisthan. Continue reading “Soul Weary”

iBooks: The Thirsty Crow / The Crow and the Fox

Thirsty crow coverThe Thirsty Crow & The Crow and the Fox – Lekha Murali

I recently published an illustrated story book for children, on the iBooks store.

It has two popular folk-tales from India. The first story is about ingenuity and the other is about prudence in the face of flattery.

If you have children or grandchildren, nephews or nieces between the ages of 3 and 6, do buy a copy or give it as a gift. It would make for a nice show-and-tell book for early readers, who are just beginning to explore their lives.

You can purchase the book on an iPad, iPhone or an iMac.

Ramblings on a Word – Imagination

Image by Shelly Paul

Imagination – The ability of the human mind to visualize/conceive the intangible.

If we had imagination, we would understand that we live on the surface of a giant sphere and not on top of a flat board. The reason Earth appears flat to our vision is because, we are a tiny speck on this planet, which makes us disproportionately small to be able to see the entire size of the giant ball.

Instead of arguing with the scientists, we would be able to verify this fact for ourselves personally, if we were giants towering over the planet, with our head reaching past the atmosphere to be able to see the globe in its entirety. Since we are not, we should probably talk to the tiny ant on top of a basketball, about the shape of the object it stands on, and it would say that the basketball it crawls on, is as flat as a pancake. And of course, we would know that the ant is wrong, because we can see the ball, just the way the astronauts can see our planet from space. Continue reading “Ramblings on a Word – Imagination”

Ramblings on a Word – Beauty

Image by Shelly Paul

Beauty – aesthetically pleasing

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, goes the well-known phrase from the poem, Endymion, by John Keats. Dwelling on this phrase made me wonder about that one unique thing of such incredible beauty, that it would bring unfailing joy to its beholder.

Could it be a favorite work of art that could turn into a visual feast every time we set our eyes on it? Or a piece of music that strums our soul, each and every time we listen to it? Continue reading “Ramblings on a Word – Beauty”

Bharathiyar Poems – The Victory Drum

The Victory Drum

(Original poem by Bharaithyar)

Strike the victory drum – Strike it,
Strike the victory drum.

We vanquished the ghost of trepidation –
We split the serpent of falsehood, drank away its life;
To absorb the entire celestial world like elixir,
We embrace the life of profundity. Continue reading “Bharathiyar Poems – The Victory Drum”

Bharathiyar Poems – Liberation – Little Sparrow

Liberation – Little Sparrow

(Original poem by Bharaithyar)

Stay liberated –
Like this little sparrow

In eight directions, it flies and roams,
Into the air, it ascends; swims rapidly through,
In measureless abundance lay,
The sky awash in light, is the nectar it savors Continue reading “Bharathiyar Poems – Liberation – Little Sparrow”

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