Chapters, Scarbrough, Ca

I write what impacts me, what strikes my fancy, as I live my life day after day.

Once an idea takes hold, I go where it takes me as I try to shape it into some form of written expression. Each idea is a beginning of something inexplicable.  As I work with one, it may grow into fruition, go dormant biding time or just die away.

As I run with an idea through the annals of my mind, not knowing what would be fashioned from it, I discover something about myself, gain better understanding of the people and the world around me.

My outlook has been largely shaped by growing up in India as someone in a minority community, looking out at the majority.  It is in these differences between language, religion and culture that I reside.  Moving to US only expanded on that experience, giving me a higher perch from which to view and understand these complexities and complications.

These are the influences that flow through my writings as stories, poetry or essays that are posted on this blog.

If you enjoy reading the pieces as much as I enjoy writing them, please share this-link with someone you know.

Thank you,
Lekha Murali

Ramblings on a word – Fantastic                     Joy Ride                     My Little World


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