The easiest way to blend colors in Inkscape is by using color gradients. Here is an exercise to create a simple ground cover or part of a forest floor.

  • Create an irregular shape like this using the Pen Tool or other drawing tools. Fill the shape with a shade of green. Remove the stroke color. If you wish to keep the stroke color, match it with the fill color.
Fig 1
  • The shape can also be created using the Circle, Ellipses and Arcs tool. Draw an ellipse using this tool and flatten it using the selector tool.
Fig 2
Fig 3
  • If you like, you can even skew, by toggling the selector tool.
Fig 4
  • Add a few nodes all around the path.
Fig 5
  • Adjust the nodes, using node-handles to get an irregular shape as shown below.
Fig 6
  • Once the shape looks approximately like the image above (Fig 6), select the image using the Selector Tool. Then choose the linear gradient from the Fill And Stroke dialog.
Fig 7
  • Click on the transparent node of the color gradient. Bring it to full opacity. Then add a node in the middle of the gradient. Change the color of the middle node to f3d6b1ff.
Fig 8

Fig 9

Add a tree, some rocks and other elements. Now the image looks like a path between green ground cover.

Fig 10

Play around with the color gradient, by changing the colors to suit your preference. Also move around the nodes to get the desired effect.

Fig 11

In the image above three different colors have been used. Re-arrange the elements a little for a different effect.

To explore the basic features and tools in Inkscape, click on this manuals link.

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