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The Story Handwriting Book is designed to encourage children to write in short sentences.  There are ten pages of guided  handwriting practice.

One side of the book contains illustrations from the folktale, The Fox and the Crow, while the other side contains five rows of corresponding text. The first row shows the model sentence with solid lines. The next two rows are made up of dotted lines that students can trace over for easy writing.  The last two rows are empty where children can write on their own.

The colorful and attractive illustrations engage and motivate children to write, while the four ruled lines support letter formation and alignment. As students complete the exercise book, they practice handwriting as well as retelling the story in sequence. 

Each according to his/her ability:

The goal is to encourage children to write independently, by giving options. They can practice just the guided rows or two empty rows or one guided and one empty row per day.  At the end of ten days, they would have completed the story.  If the child is super enthusiastic, they can complete the whole book in a day or two.

This book was published through IngramSpark.

The book is available for online purchase with the following retailers:

UK – Amazon UK, Canada – Amazon CA

* Please allow for some probable delay, because the current supply/labor issues are affecting IngramSpark, like every other organization. Hopefully this is temporary issue and would be resolved soon.

Should you purchase a copy, please leave a review, because it would help with the sales.

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