Heidi’s Designer Masks

Image by Heidi

When life gave some very sour lemons, Heidi unfailingly made the best lemonade that could be made. Last time, when the 2008 financial crisis hit her business, she managed to keep it afloat through resilience.

This time, when Covid-19 forced to shutter her business, my ever resourceful friend once again made the best of a bad situation. She is making these gorgeous masks and selling them on Etsy.

Since we know that the face masks are here to stay for a while, might as well wear a pretty one. I hope you find the one you like. By the way, I have the dark blue with the full pattern.

Click here to access the store.

Bharathiyar Poem Translation – Prayer to God

Prayer to God

(Original poem by Bharaithyar)

How many crores1 of joy You fashioned!
Our Lord! O, Lord! O, Lord!

Spirit with matter – You melded
To forge the Five Elements,
Creating Heaven and Earth,
All those worlds, a treasure of colors –
A profusion of resplendent beauty.

Blissfulness is a state You created,
Where the awakened soul is fully realized,
Piety is a state You created –
Our Supreme! O, Supreme! O, Supreme!

1 – One crore is equal to ten million units. Continue reading “Bharathiyar Poem Translation – Prayer to God”

Bharathiyar Poem Translation- The Heart cannot Endure

National Songs

15. Current State of the People of Bharatham1

(Original poem by Bharaithyar)

1.  The heart cannot endure
Dwelling upon fickle minded humans,
Who live in deathly trepidation –
There is nothing in this world that doesn’t frighten them;
‘Wily ghosts’, they claim,
‘Dwells on this tree, lives in that pond,
‘Sleeps on the roof’s crest,’ – distress themselves,
In rumination, frighten themselves.         (The heart…)
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