Butterfly Dance

In this strange year of pandemic upheaval, where life has been upended and kept us largely confined to our homes, I received two memorable gifts.

One, was a set of masks made by a friend. She made it from a saree. The light cotton mix material, double layered, with pockets for filter stitched meticulously by my thoughtful friend to show off the pretty pattern.  She made seven of them – one for each day in the week.

A timely gift for which I am thankful.

A teddy bear wearing a mask.

In late spring, when I was wondering how to do garden shopping in the year of the Covid-19, another friend left a couple of flower pots at my doorstep and texted me to go open the door.  When I opened the door there they were, two happy flower pots.

Soon, they were bursting with pink and white blooms attracting all kinds of insects. There were wasps, bumblebees, lightning bugs and a whole lot other bugs I know nothing about.

Recently though, a butterfly appeared and put on quite a show.  While watching the butterfly flutter around the pot, I realized I could record the butterfly dance and share it with friends. 

Here it is, the dance of a butterfly that made this summer feel a little normal again.