My Little World

A Tribute to my Friends

Silhouette of two children frolicking on a beach.Image by Shelly Paul

My little world is populated with friends — spanning continents, religion, age, ethnicity and other social fragmentation that exists. They give me strength to soar to the skies, because I know they will catch me, should I fall.

My friends also come from a large extended family of uncles, aunts, cousins and second cousins— seemingly incongruent by their many personalities, yet their collective bond, an oasis of strength and comfort. I can see myself in them and ’am blessed to be part of their lives.

My husband Murali, is my closest friend. I draw strength from him, like a tree from its roots. He is my home, my love. I owe him my everyday happiness. The thought of him can bring a smile, even on days when nothing goes my way.

I am grateful for their generous friendship. Because of them, I have grown in ways, that I could not have otherwise. They keep me grounded, with their honesty and candor. They force me to think and examine my life, through the stories they share in substantive conversations. They keep me on my toes, so that I don’t stagnate in inertia.

If friendship is wealth — I do believe it is — I am proud to say, I am a One Percenter.