Naragasuran’s Last Wish

Diwali Story

Photo by Sandeep Kr Yadav on Unsplash

As he lay there dying,
He came to his senses,
Realizing the horror he had become,

Asked of a boon that was noble:
‘Do not mourn my death, but celebrate a festival,
Let people wear their finest and exchange sweets,
Let there be rows of light and sparklers;

‘For with my death,
Light would have vanquished darkness,
Goodness would’ve triumphed Evil,
For I am sorry to have lost my way,

Let this be remembered when you celebrate my death.’
Cried out Naragasuran with his dying breath.

Note: This is my interpretation of Naragasuran’s dying wish, in English. Naragasura’s story was my favorite Diwali story, growing up in India. (This poem was written for the daily thread of Diwali wishes, for “Poets on Medium” Facebook page.)