Thirsty Crow and the Crow and the Fox

“The Thirsty Crow and the Crow and the Fox”, is a fully illustrated book for children between the ages of 3 and 5. It contains two popular folk tales from India.

“The Thirsty Crow” is about a clever crow that finds a resourceful way to drink water.

“The Crow and the Fox” is about a wise crow that outwits the fox, by not giving into flattery. There are two versions of this story. In the other version, giving into flattery, the crow opens her mouth to sing, when the “vadai” falls down, and the fox snatches it up and runs away. Since I prefer the prudent crow, I went with this version of the story. (A vadai, is a savory doughnut, which is a popular snack in southern India)

I hope this show-and-tell book would not only entertain young children, but also educate the young minds as they learn their first scripted words and sentences
This book has been self-published through IngramSpark.


The book is available in both hardcover and paperback formats.

It is currently available with online retailers such as Powell’s, Barnes and Noble online, Amazon online.

For, UK customers Amazon UK and for Canadian customers Amazon CA.

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