Ramblings on a Word – Perfection

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Perfection – Everything has to be just so

If mother nature adhered to our current definition of aesthetic perfection – largely governed by the rules of symmetry – rivers would flow in perfect straight lines and turn corners at precise right angles, mountains would be pyramids, trees in the forest would be aligned in perfect straight lines like military battalions, where each tree would stand ramrod straight, every branch attached to the trunk at an exact angle of forty-five degrees, every leaf in perfect symmetry. The ones that do not adhere to this rigid perfection would be shed by the tree for its non-conformity.

Nothing out of place. No grey areas. No anomalies. Because anomalies are viewed as irksome, simply because they do not conform with the majority. Such perfection in mother nature would not only be boring in its monotony, but would jeopardize life on this planet because of its unforgiving rigidity.

Anomalies, aberrations – the so called lack of perfection, are what allows for evolution which is the ability to make adaptation according to the changing environment. Evolution, is key to the perpetuation of species.

Mother nature allows for life to thrive through diversity and inter-dependency. Instead of trying to understand such complexity and its intricacies, most of us look at our lives and the world around us, through the colorings of puritanical thought process fostered through monotheistic religions.

The puritanical mindset – where everything has to be classified into neat little categories with black-and-white clarity, without any wiggle room, without making allowances for any other, other than just “The One”. Such a thought process fosters arrogance and judgmental attitudes.

This simplistic thinking embellished by these religions, where man – not human, but just the male of our species – is elevated above all else, is an unscientific simplicity that obscures nature’s complex truth, that there are no male embryos at conception. Which means, every man – even those who think they are God – must begin their journey of life as a woman.

Then somewhere along the way, during the gestation period, some embryos make the gender transition from female to male. Is it not possible that, somewhere in the process of transition, according to mother nature’s rules, there could be slight aberrations, affecting sexual orientation making gay and transgender as natural as male and female?


Centuries ago, when science was not as advanced as it is today, our ancestors believed that the afflictions and ailments that tormented our bodies were the result of sins we committed. But science has grown, not just to negate this superstition, but has advanced to a point where several of these health issues can be explained. Therefore, isn’t it time we try to cultivate a better understanding of our life on this Earth, through the lens of proven, scientific reality rather than blind, unquestioned faith?

Because, no matter what we think or believe, the planet we live on, are governed by the rules of nature that constantly strives for balance and harmony in its diversity. Contrary to popular belief, we are not superior beings on this planet, we are just one of the many creatures that co-habit this world. To Mother Earth, we are no more important than the worm that turns on the plough.

And if religion seems to be getting in the way of accepting the truth, maybe, it’s time to rectify the Scriptures, thusly:
“In the beginning there are no males. All human beings are conceived as females. Then, roughly half of the embryos replace one of their X chromosomes with a Y chromosome making the transformation from female (XX) to male (XY). Since, mother nature is flexible in her complexity, she makes us man, woman, gay and transgender – all part of one big human family.”

Note: In this original version in paragraph 8, the second sentence reads as, “But science has grown, not just to negate this superstition, but has advanced to a point where several of these health issues can be explained.”
In the current version on Medium it reads as, “But science has grown, not just to negate this superstition and but also clarify many other long held-beliefs.” This latest version clarifies and rectifies the characterization of the earlier version.

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