Ramblings on a word – Recycle

chelparkseries/Shelly Paul
Image by Shelly Paul

Recycle – reusing or repurposing a used product, through a process.

I am proud to say that I live in a county where almost anything reusable gets recycled, that the recycle bin fills up faster than the trash bags. Recycling is a good thing. Very little is wasted, which matters because we are a teeming (almost) eight billion on this planet, even the most frugal consumption compounds the environmental problems we already face.

But there must be a limit to things we recycle, like movies. Have you watched any re-cycled movies lately?

I tried to watch the 2015 release of the movie, “Poltergeist”. I caught it on television. Didn’t even know there was another version of that movie.

I caught it in snatches since I was curious to see which modern gadget would snatch up the little girl in the latest version. My first guess was the laptop. Then I saw a teenager using a cellphone and thought that it could be the cell phone.

Nope, this time also the little girl went into the television; only it was a sleek Flat Screen TV. That’s the part they updated in the latest release – analog to digital television. See, that is something no one would think about.

That’s Hollywood for you: ‘When we don’t have new ideas, we recycle the old ones with gimmickry and other redundancies.’

Talking about recycled movies, no one does it better than the Indians.

India is a land of many languages. Officially, twenty three and counting. The states are largely divided based on regional languages. Thus for instance if a movie is made in Tamil language, it would be remade in, say, Telugu – same music, different lyrics.

Then it would be remade in Malayalam, and probably in Hindi. This cycle takes a couple of years and then the Tamil guy would watch the Hindi version of the movie and go, ‘My God, what a great movie. We should remake this in Tamil.’

Ok, that last part may not be true, still the circle of movie recycling continues.