Introduction to, “Ramblings on a Word”

Original image by Shelly Paul

“Ramblings on a word”, is created with the intention of showing a different perspective to a word that is in common use. The definition of the word given in each article, is more specific to the context of the topic of discussion, than the broader definition of the dictionary. While the word mostly stays within the confines of that definition, occasionally it does get twisted around a bit, just to show a different angle or probably because I am irreverent.

Several articles are just my opinion. Some are personal essays. Others are based on observation, drawing from the surrounding environment.

A small number of them are, “character soliloquy” where I try to channel a character for demonstrable effect. Even though the article is written in first person, it is not my personal experience, it’s an expression of a view-point through a fictional character, I create for that specific purpose.

I am putting these pieces together under this theme, in hopes that it would enable the readers to look at an issue differently than they normally would, to understand and question that which is accepted as normal, to pique healthy curiosity, help bring more clarity to thought and find better solutions to issues that needs resolution, as they realize that they don’t have to think inside or outside the box, that they can simply throw away the box because it confines their minds.

Thus, one day I hope, you – the reader can “Ramble”, on your own, instead of reading mine.

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