Ramblings on a word – Hypocrisy

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An Ode to Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy – the gap between word and deed, between the image of virtue and its reality

O hypocrisy! The juice that binds our dysfunctional society together. You make it possible for us to look civilized and not require us to be civil.

You let us sophisticate the barbarianism of war with technology and perpetuate injustice through the semantics of law.

You let us dilute moral principles that keeps the human society functional and let us call it moral relativism.

You let us hide condescension within acts of charity and hide double standards in eloquent verbiage.

You give us rituals to escape from the truth about ourselves. Thus, we can repeat our sins without compunction, because there is easy absolution.

Because of you we can pretend to be adults, without actually making the effort to mature emotionally through soul searching and self-reflection.

Because of you, we can amass wealth and tilt government policies in our favor, purely, for selfishness and then set up a philanthropic empire and pretend to be magnanimous.

O Hypocrisy! Where would we be without you? Possibly functional and equal societies with less drama and machismo. There would be relative stability and peace, because the majority of the population would have self-discipline and common sense to understand the need for functionality.

Without you there would be no adult-children, but a better evolved species, where most people would actually mean what they say, instead of having ambiguously pleasant conversations where fragments of malicious lies and half-truths can reside comfortably within empty, fancy words.

Without you, there would be no way to hide from the cowardly lies we tell ourselves, simply because we are afraid to face the truth.

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