Ramblings on a word – Wheel


Wheel – A circular object that makes locomotion possible

I am sure many of you would have learnt in school, how the wheel was invented by the MAN.

Being a woman, having observed how men think, here is the revised edition of that story:
First of all, the caveman could not have invented the wheel. He would have been too scared and hungry to have a cogent thought in his underdeveloped brain, not to mention the fact that the tangled jungle floor would have made for treacherously bumpy rides.

The necessity for transportation would have come up when our ancestors moved into villages and began farming.

The village headman saw four men carry around a plank full of things and decided it was time for automation. He came up with a design for a cart and ordered his men to build one.

And they built a cart – A plank held by two square wheels.

Turned out, the cart was not an easy thing to pull, after all. As they labored under the strain, the headman’s wife came out of the hut, took one look and said, ‘Round, you morons, not square.’
‘Huh’, said the men collectively.
‘What do you mean mother?’ asked the headman.
‘Round, the wheel must be round.’ She rolled her eyes, went into the hut, came back with a sickle and shaved off a corner, until it became a curve.
‘See,’ she pointed to the round edge, ‘The wheel must be round. Only then, can it roll. She handed over the sickle and said, ‘Here, now finish the rest’.

And that my dear fellowmen, is the story of how the wheel was invented.