Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Travail I

Travail I

In the land of timelessness, atop tall spindly hills,
Lived the unhappy queen with a porous heart
A heart that retained no mirth, nor lingering happiness;

It is rumored, she was human once,
That she lived like any other modern woman –
Family, career and all
It is said that she ran away from all this,
‘Cause, she suffered from terrible sins.

Sins so grotesque, she ran away to escape herself –
From the burdens of memories
From the embrace of the familiar

She ran so far, past civilization,
Until she reached the lonely depths of the abysmal valley,
From which rose the tallest of hills,
Where curious creatures lived at an altitude –
Where clouds stopped to visit, just under clear blue skies
Where the creatures gathered in festival –
To celebrate the full moon’s rise.

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