The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Redemption V

Queen of trees
Queen of Trees / Illustration by Lekha Murali/created on Sketchpad-IO

Redemption V

Her feet divided and multiplied into infinite tentacles,
That slithered and writhed
Grew longer and longer,
Until they found their grip
As they entrenched the rich, brown earth.

Her hands splintered into copious branches.
Until she transformed into a tree of magnificent splendor.
That blossomed all year long,
Covered in tiny clusters of countless blossoms,
Mellifluous in its many hues, subtle in its sweet fragrance.

She lived there for eternity,
As the tree of ineffable beauty
Atop the tall, spindly hills,
That rose from the deepest of valleys,

Where curious creatures gathered under the Queen of Trees,
As they looked down to the earth as the giant moon rose
Like the largest orb of freshly churned cream.
As it rose so high and hung so low,
Drenching the clustered hills in its milky white,
Flooding the night, with its cool, luminous beams
As the creatures sang and danced, the whole night long
Atop the cluster of tall, spindly hills.

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4 thoughts on “The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Redemption V

      1. But I didn’t know that.
        I’d given up on the tree, after several days of futile attempts, when I wrote to you.
        Only after reading your comment, it struck me that I should let the tree flow through the unhappy queen and I went to work on it right away. So there is your proof.
        So I am not too kind. The thanks is well deserved.


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