The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Redemption IV

Unhappy Queen
Unhappy Queen with Porous Heart / Illustration by Lekha Murali

Redemption IV

Each time the wind brought,
The languished cry of an abandoned child
She broke off a tormented sliver from her brittle heart,
Offered it to the gods and prayed the child be rescued.

The gods in their heavens, heard her woeful pleas,
Could not refuse a sacrifice sublime
So they granted her wish.

From a fist sized heart, she broke a hundred grains,
As she bled and writhed in agony for days
Each time she plucked a tiny core of her life,
She cried out plaintively, in physical dolor

With each offering, she felt a little light,
As the burden of her sins, melted a trace
Till there came a day, when there was no more to give.
There was no more heart and no more pain.

She smiled blithely, lifted her arms to the skies,
Waited for her shackled spirit to be freed
When the gods decided to change her fate

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