The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Aggrievance III

Aggrievance III

In the years that passed,
The young girl’s smile disappeared
Then her words vanished,
Till she became barely perceptible,
Until one day she was to be found nowhere.

At first she shrugged it away.
      ‘Where could she have gone?’ she muttered.
      ‘Who would take in that useless, ingrate?’
She raised a haughty eyebrow,
Drummed her painted nails and uttered ominously,
      ‘Wait, till she gets home,
      I shall teach a lesson she will never forget.’

A week trudged by,
Worry started to take over
She called the authorities,
Waited with bated breath

Hired a private eye,
Roamed around the neighborhood
Like a frenzied woman in lunacy

As her repressed guilt stirred, she woke up
From a deep slumber of nonchalance.
Her sins rose in a crescendo,
Until their banshee wail, she could endure no more.

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