The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Aggrievance II

Aggrievance II

There was something about her little niece,
That irked her from the start.

Was it her ever smiling face, or the lack of guile?
Was it the cheerful spirit or zest for life?
Was it a mother’s weak, selfish heart –
      that could not stand up to her narcissistic daughter’s
           wanton need for incessant attention?
Or was it because she constantly craved her daughter’s approval
      that she found it necessary to ingratiate with the one she engendered.

No matter the reasons;
She did things one human would not do to another
Every time she saw her young niece smile,
      she said something to prick the delicate heart.
Every time she saw her play,
      she piled her with unnecessary chores.

Goaded on by her daughter –
      She crossed the lines of motherliness,
      She crossed the lines of human kindness,

As she chiseled away at her niece’s happiness –
      Word after cruel word, neglect after neglect,
      Cold shoulders after icy indifference

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