The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Aggrievance I

Aggrievance I

From time to time, her porous heart
Pulled out sheaves of memory,
That twisted her being like shards of glass
Some of them loathsome in its shame
Some of them woeful,
In its coldness and apathy.

The ages that have passed since,
Did not dissolve the wounds of her past
The memories of her sins still fresh in its agony,

Oh, the memory of the broken promise;
The memory that kept her brittle heart tethered to purgatory

It was the wish of her dying sister,
That her daughter not be forsaken,
That she not be left alone to fend for herself –
In this vast, wicked world

So she took the frail hand of the angelic, four-year old
Placed it in her aunt’s,
As she breathed her last, she whispered,
‘Care for her, as she was your own
Love her as I have always loved you,
Do not abandon my treasure.’

She was earnest in keeping her promise,
When the devil whittled away at her heart, she could not say.

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