The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart – Travail III

Travail III

The creatures of the hills took pity on her,
Nursed her fragile being back to health

Floral vines covered her naked skeleton
Thus, she bloomed in spring,
Turned green in summer, bare-brown in winter

The moon took pity on her –
Lent its milky white for her oblong face,
The solitary rose bush lent her the crimson lips

She refused to gaze upon the world
Covered her face in a shroud of grey cloud,
That stopped just above her vermilion,
Went up over her head,
Floated all the way to the ground.

She roamed the tiny world,
Clustered atop tall, spindly hills,
Doused in wordless misery

As the magnificent creatures of the hills
Joined in a fruitless effort to bring a smile,
To the most inconsolable face.

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