Shallow – Deep

Image by Shelly Paul

Said shallow to deep,
‘How can you be generous when you have so little?’
Said deep to shallow,
‘I have enough. I am quite content.’

‘How can you be carefree when life is terrifying in its uncertainties?’
‘I go with the ebb and flow. I learn from experience.’

‘How can you be a smiling fool, when crushed by adversity?’
Replied deep to shallow,
‘You can live to be a thousand
Yet, never experience anything the way I feel.

‘When I breathe, I feel the air
You don’t even realize that you breathe

‘You can never feel the wind’s caress or the sun’s warmth,
You are numb to all the beauty around you.

‘You live to fit the idea of others
While I mould myself from living every day.

‘Thus, I embrace flaws and contradictions
While you despair, at a blemish in your perfect world.

‘I try to resolve, not to blame,

‘This is why,
I can smile in the face of adversity
While you are broken, just by the thought.’

In fifteenth line, the word ‘ideal’ has been changed to ‘idea’.