Mother India’s Daughters

How did Mother India get to a point, where an innocent young girl was raped, torn apart and discarded on the side of the road bleeding, to death? While an angry nation spilled out on the streets to protest, a tender, fifteen year old was being gang raped in Bihar. Yet another young rape victim from Punjab killed herself after being subjected to the pornographic interrogation by the police.

In an effort to diminish the protests, the shameless and irresponsible police along with the criminally negligent government have the audacity to blame the atrocity on the victims themselves, by talking about cosmetics and discotheques.

What has make-up and disco got to do with a woman being raped? How many respectable, well-attired women has found themselves squirming in the presence of a man who undresses them in his mind and makes no effort to conceal the lecher in him?

Vulgarity is in the mind of the man. It has got nothing to do with the woman he brutalizes. His uncontrollable, animal lust emboldened by the knowledge that he can get away with the crime, is the primary cause of rape in India.

Find these criminals, try them under the law, give them a fitting punishment and see how quickly the arrogant man becomes docile and well-behaved. The ripple effect of such an effective law enforcement could lead to the radical transformation of many a despicable groper and exhibitionist into a civilized human being.

While India tries to find a way to cure the rot in her soul, it would be wise to remember that the pernicious denigration of the Indian woman starts at conception and continues throughout her life. The Indian parent is responsible for the travesty that is today’s Indian society, as much as the hubris of the deranged, impotent Indian man.

It is time to love our daughters and sons equally. It is time to teach our sons and daughters to treat each other with deserving respect. It is time to stop ostracizing rape victims and their families and extend a hand of condolence and embrace them with kindness.

Viewpoint – Father of the Nation

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