Relative Time

When life is burgeoning,
World feels like spring
Moments freeze into memories sweet.

When the heart gets broken
Engulfed by loneliness,
Seconds crawl at snail’s pace.

In triumph and success
When the world lauds,
Time stands still in breathless awe.

When dreams shatter
Crumbles into despair,
Listless days stretch into timeless void.

Clocks tick with mathematical precision
Life’s itself is relative time.

2 thoughts on “Relative Time

  1. Hi,I am not so good with vocabulary,Many times I got to refer to dictionary for many words.You got such a rich language and at the same time great passion.I feel everything you write is so close to real life.True about time once again..kudos to your gr8 writing..


  2. I wrote this poem about a decade ago and thought it was too childish.

    last year i re-read and all i could do was change a couple of words, but it still felt the same.

    You make it sound very special.

    Thank you for your well thought comment.

    – Lekha


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