Queen Of Tragedies

I am the Queen of Tragedies,
Henceforth I declare:

I have been wronged at every turn in my life
Yet, I never rendered any harm to a single soul.
I am incapable of sins and wrongs
Anyone who thinks otherwise is a sinner.

I shall judge the world around me,
Punish anyone who disagrees with me,
Absolve them —
From their hearts they will acknowledge my Purity.

In my Kingdom,
My word is the law
I shall change my word as I choose.
My truth is absolute
My word is the truth.

In my Kingdom,
There is ‘Yes’ and there is ‘No’
There is no place for the slightest nuance.

I am Queen of Tragedies –
I have been wronged at every turn in my life,
I will swim through oceans of self-indulgent pity,
Anyone who disagrees with me deserve my wrath.

Note: This poem is not gender specific. There are as many kings of tragedies as there are queens. For instance, The 45th occupant of the White House

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