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…Where I hope each visitor can find something for the many facets of life as they live through its ebb and flow.

There is poetry, essay and fiction. There is satire, whimsy and serious thought.

There is something for the big and small things in life, for the many moods and thoughts, all in the hope that the reader might take away something that could elevate their human-experience.

Ramblings on a Word

An essay series with a different perspective on a commonplace word, so that the reader might examine the unquestioned conformity that is all around. Here’s a sampling:

  • Re-thinking the story of the wheel.
  • Is yours, a fantastic relationship?
  • Unquestioned conditioning could lead to algorithm people.
  • A monologue with God, because a dialogue seems impossible.

Introduction to Ramblings on a Word

Book for Toddlers

A fully illustrated book for toddlers, containing two popular folk-tales.

Bharathiyar book cover

Bharathiyar Poetry Translation

Subramaniya Bharathi, was a 20th century Tamil poet, who brought rich literature to the ordinary people, whose writings are still alive with passion.

Introduction to Bharathiyar Poem Translations

Queen of trees
Tree of ineffable beauty

The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart

Fairy-tale poem of a woman’s metamorphosis into a tree of ineffable beauty, through guilt, repentance and redemption.

And Some Quotes…

“What he had said to the Buddha – that the Buddha’s wisdom and secret was not teachable, that it was inexpressible and incommunicable-…”

― From “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse, translated by Hilda Rosner

“Let all my songs, gather together their diverse strains, into a single current and flow to a sea of silence, in one salutation to thee.”

― From Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’